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Greater Orange County Collective Alliance

Welcome to GOCCA

The Greater Orange County Collective Alliance is an association of co-op and collective operators in Orange County who have organized around a shared desire to provide safe access to our patients with adherence to a strict code of operational guidelines.
  • We are not a patient advocacy group although we advocate daily on behalf of our patients
  • We are an operators advocacy group
  • We are trying to address shared problems and come up with shared solutions for operators throughout the Orange County area
Our members and their collectives go through an accreditation process and proudly display their association with the Alliance. Collectives that display the Collective Alliance logo have been designated as a clean, safe environment that strives to adhere to the spirit of California Medicinal Cannabis laws.

Who we are?

Collective Alliance of Orange County is a voluntary non-profit association of medical cannabis (marijuana) dispensing collectives and cooperatives

Our Goals

  • Protect medical cannabis patients and our community
  • Develop and implement operational and safety protocols for collectives and co-operatives
  • Educate our community about medical cannibas